• The Future Is Written.

    The Kindle is set to take over the world (well, unless Bond can stop it...I'll get me coat!) so we thought we'd give you our take on it:-

    For the past few months writers everywhere (mainly unpublished ones) have been going a bit mental over the Amazon Kindle. It's a revolutionary way to market for a lot of people, cutting out, at a stroke, agents, publishers, bookshops and their hefty cuts of the pie as well as, it seems, people like editors and proofreaders.

    You'll see a new kindle book every twenty five seconds as writers churn them out as fast they can type the words 'The End' onto another short story/novella/novel/some nonsense involving vampires and werewolves. Unfortunately, while this development is obviously great news for everyone concerned I think the reading public worked out fairly quickly that there was a lot of un-edited, badly formatted, un-readable shite being pumped into the online bookshops and decided they weren't having any of it.

    For every top kindle book at a great price (modesty prevents me from mentioning that ours are pretty damn good...so I wont.) there's a tale of 'My Journey'* that has been turned down by everyone everywhere but the author was still convinced it was their mistake not his/hers and so published it on the Kindle - shouting loudly when it got to no.55 in the 'books that no-one wants to read really and we haven't got a category for them chart' on Amazon about how he/she was right all along and what do the professionals know. Yes, he/she may be giving it away for free now but you just wait, as this confirms their brilliance then the next book 'Further On The Journey' will undoubtedly see them scoop every major award going as well as bring about world peace, cure cancer and make you a cup of tea and a bacon sandwich every morning.

    On the plus side the playing field has been sort of levelled for everyone on the Kindle so we smaller types (first time I've ever had that accusation levelled at me!) can bring you writing talent that the bigger players have missed and hopefully add something a little different to your collection. There's been a slew of smaller publishers taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the e-Book explosion -some genuine, others less so - and we're all trying to bring you quality reads at decent prices so you'll come back to us and hopefully tell your mates thus negating big marketing budgets and levelling that field a little more!

    So, has the advent of the Kindle been a good or bad thing? Despite the variation in quality (and on a personal level the explosion in self-promoting authors everywhere I look) it has opened writing avenues for everyone and encouraged more people to put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard!) and that can only be a good thing. I think that, as we saw with downloadable music and MP3 players a few years ago, the industry will catch up with the technology and there'll be a bit of a boom in sales as people buy e-books for their hols but still have the paper version on their shelves - I just hope they all want one of ours!



    * All shit books invariably involve the author telling you about 'their Journey' - you can have that tip for nowt!


    • 1. May 9 2012 4:16PM by coops

      is this the equivalent of a revolution by authors, choosing to go direct to Kindle and by-passing publishers?

      Maybe not a bad thing? After all, the readers will recommend/criticise and it will police itself?

    • 2. May 10 2012 1:52PM by andyrivers

      Hopefully it will end up being self-policing Coops - there needs to be some form of Quality control at some point. Here's a thought as well - imagine big bad corporate wolf Amazon being the catalyst for a literary revolution...

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