It's HERE! 'Special' paperback available now with FREE gift!

My new book is now available. You can get it from Byker Books (just click to be taken through to their site) where they have signed copies and free P&P in the UK as well as a FREE gift or you can get it from Amazon...where they don't!

It's my usual whirlwind of violence, swearing, sex and drugs so here's some blurb to whet your whistle :-

'Behind every tough, rundown, drug and crime-ridden estate there's always an untouchable hard-case controlling it. In Byker that person is Falcus...or so he thinks. His crown is slipping, the challenges are constant and a new face is making himself known. He's a vigilante, he's gunning for the main man and he's picking off the scumbags one-by-one while he does it.'

'Special' is a gritty crime drama that's set in a world where unemployment is rife, your wallet will be taxed, your car will be TWOCed and, if your face doesn't fit, it'll be punched.

This is Byker; this is real life.'

Or, if you're more of a fan of electronic reading, you can pre-order the Kindle edition for only £1.99 to ensure you get it on the release day of 23/3.

What are you waiting for man - get some sweary Geordie goodness in ya lives! ;-)