Get Out Of Our Club!

Enough is enough. I apologise in advance if you don't like football...or bad language (you're really on the wrong blog by the way!) but the way Mike Ashley has turned Newcastle United into little more than an advertising hoarding for a low-grade, tacky 'sports' shop is past the point of boiling my piss.

We've never asked for a team that wins trophy after trophy, we've never asked to be the best in the world and we've never asked for a team full of billionaire players - all we ask is that they fucking try.

And that's too much apparently.

It appears that wanting the team that represents our city, and by association ourselves, to actually compete is beyond reasonable. We are told that the club won't bother in any cups and that aiming at tenth is the best we can hope for. Fuck off.

Every year bar one under this twat we give up once we get to a position of safety, every year we suddenly get a load of injuries to first team players when we're playing in the cup - injuries that subsequently clear up in time for the next league game and every year our season ends in January.

The lies, misinformation and spin that have emanated from the regime in charge over the past seven years may have kept the majority of fans in ignorant acceptance of this dumbing-down of ambition but the last few years have seen scales dropping from peoples eyes at an alarming rate. So much so that the team behind the very successful 'Sack Pardew' campaign have begun Ashley and are beginning their activities with a demonstration before, during and after the Spurs match. He won't go quietly - if at all - but it's time we let him and, crucially as he hates negative publicity with a passion, the world know just what we think of his spiteful, malicious campaign to denigrate a great old English football club. He will hate the spotlight being on him and it might just inspire some professional journos to start doing their jobs properly rather than just regurgitating lazy cliche's about Geordies.

I've decided I'm joining in. From now until the end of the season 50p from the sale of every copy (both paperback and Kindle) of my seminal (fuck off man it is!) book 'I'm Rivelino' will be donated to the Ashley Out cause.

I'm not blowing my own trumpet (if only!) but it's had reviews like this :-

"I absolutely loved this book, read it in next to no time"

"You don't have to be a Toon fan to enjoy this - I'm a Norwich fan, but the sentiments will chime with anyone"

"A must read for every football supporter"

there you have it. My hat's in the ring. If you want to support this noble cause but don't wish to tolerate my ramblings then go straight to their site and do it there - if you do like a bit of humour with your swearing then you could do worse than check me out. It's time for change - get out of our club!