Ever wanted to be a character in a book?

It'd be pretty good wouldn't it? You're turning the page as the hero walks into a bar to be confronted by a hard-as-nails villain / sexy-as-owt femme fatale and THEY'RE NAMED AFTER YOU!
Throw in a mention in the authors notes or acknowledgements and you'd be well chuffed wouldn't you - I would! What's that you say? Pipe-dream? Couldn't happen to me? It could like...

If you look to your right you'll see a little sign-up form for my newsletter mailing list - I send one every now and then, trust me...I'm not prolific! - and I've decided that, as well as the free book you get for signing up, I'm now going to pick at least one (may be more!) person every time I write a new book and name a character after them plus give them a mention at the start. Sounds good eh?

But, I hear you say, what kind of character would I be? What if you made me into a proper scrote and I was too embarrassed to brag about it? Well, I can see how that would worry you (you've obviously read my books if that was the first thing that came to mind!) so I promise that everyone selected will get a shout from me with a couple of choices as to who they'd like to be...honest.

So, now that's set your mind at rest, you know what to do don't you?



ps - Check out my books HERE. Cheers