And the winner is...

Alreet kids,

How's your summer going then? I just wanted to let you know that, as promised, I've chosen two names from my newsletter subscribers to be named characters in my next book and they are (drum roll please...)

Maggie Macdonald - Mother of one of the main male characters (He's a bad lad!) and had a bit of a crush on the MC at school which really didn't please her husband - a local heavy known as 'One-Punch'.

Chris Marshall - Old School Criminal who teaches the main Character his trade and gives him a code of honour to work from

Just to give you a bit of background about the book, it's coming together well and I've even put together a back cover 'blurb' to let you get a feel for it.

'How does it feel to be invisible? How does it feel to know that you're of so little worth to the people around you that they can't actually see you? How does it feel to know that you let your daughter down, that your one job as her dad was to protect her and you let her die at the hands of that animal? How does it feel knowing that people pity and despise you in equal measure? How does it feel every day in that moment just before the alcohol does it's work and sends you into a guiltless semi-conscious state for a few hours of respite?'

They're the questions I ask myself a lot...or I did, 'cos yesterday I realised something. I worked out that if you're invisible then you can get away with anything...even murder.'

Well done to Maggie & Chris and, just to let you know, every time I do something new I'll pick at least one name from my newsletter subscribers list to be a character so keep an eye on my blog. In fact I went to see a few Shakespeare plays recently and they left me with an opinion that I shared on my aforementioned blog which caused a bit of a furore - my Twitter feed nearly melted! - you can check that out here.

Have a good one - see you later.