I get around...Porto...

Ever been to Porto in Portugal? No? Are you mental - it's mint man! Anyway, next time you're planning a bit of city break action you could do a lot worse than this place. Not only was it picturesque, authentic and interesting it was about two euros for a bottle of Super-Bock! And that was in the tourist area...

Oh go on then...

This time round I've managed to salvage some top tips I jotted down on my previous phone (actually it;s about three phones back) before it died. So read on, take note and get yourself over there man...

  1. Get the funicular from the riverside at bottom of Louis Bridge(cheap) it's one way to the top where you can check out the churchy thing and then walk over the train bridge for stunning views along the Douro river and surrounding area.
  2. Try a bottle of super bock stout (still cheap!) at a riverside cafe bar. The food and drink prices are very reasonable,­ you'll be surprised.
  3. Get the cable car (5 Euros when I did it a few years ago) from the top of bridge down to the Gaia area and explore the shops bars and restaurants in the riverside complex.
  4. Once in Gaia visit a port makers 'cave' ­ I recommend Ramos Pinto (at the time it was 5 Euros for a tour and you got two glasses of port at the end to sample) it's right on the river, you can't miss it as its the only one with a museum dedicated to the founder who was a man way ahead of his time!
  5. Book a table at Tapa Jimao on Praca Da Ribeira (by the river) and treat yourself to excellent tapas, friendly staff and great prices. I'd recommend the black pudding and honey sausage dishes -­ they're class!
  6. Try a boat trip along the river to see the six bridges that connect the town to Gaia at 10 Euros for around an hour its good value. 
  7. Go into the city and check out the 'Lello Bookstore' 144 R. das Carmelitas - It's amazing (see pic below)  
  8. Quality!
  9. Just get a bottle of water, grab your city map and explore! There's an interesting building on every corner of this great destination.
Go on have a look man - we're not here long after all...


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