Byker Booked!

As well as being a writer, layabout and all-round top bloke I also run a small, independent press named Byker Books. We've had some surprise hits over the years (surprised me anyway!) and have acquired a decent reputation. I've let it slide a bit recently as I sought to kickstart my own writing career again but the publishing bug just wouldn't let go so...

...we've announced a submissions window for new novels next year!


The basic criteria is they're British and working-class, other than that it's a case of us liking them more than anything else. If you check out our Facebook page and/or Group then you'd be able to get more of a feel for the whole 'Byker' way of doing things, similarly you could buy one of our present list as we've got a special Christmas offer on. Only FIVE English pounds gets you one of our current tomes with FREE P&P and a FREE book thrown in as well. There's worse ways to research something eh?

Check us out at and see what you think - hurry though, it's only while stocks last!