Hey fellow bloggers...want a new audience?

I recently posted on my Facebook page about a section in BookD for blogs about Harrogate 2016. Well, I liked the idea so much that I've decided to make it a regular thing and am aiming to have a 'Top Blogs' section in the paper every week. I've stuck a press release out inviting bloggers to let me know of their interest but would like to offer you lot ('cos you're my people man!) the chance to be top of the list.

I'm anticipating featuring selected posts from around five per week so if you fancy it then either email me at ed@bykerbooks.co.uk, comment in this post or just follow my blog and I'll check you out (mainly so I can put you in a handy file and not forget..hey ho!)

This is entirely FREE, no advertising charges at all for you to be in the nations premier digital books mag - I only ask that when featured you blog about it as well, that's fair isn't it?

Right, have a look at BookD ask yourself if you'd like to be featured alongside the celebrity authors and literati (see what I did there) and then contact me as above - let's get you in front of a whole new audience.