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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Our new digital books mag - get 'BookD'.

Hello, we've been busy boys lately - no, nothing you'll read about in the Sunday tabloids...not this week anyway - but you will be able to read about it. That's because we've put together a digital publication that'll run weekly with all of the choice cuts of articles, reviews and news from the world of British fiction around the net...

We're big fans of The i Paper (subscribers even!) and wondered if it would be possible to do something like it within the world of books and writing, so we had a go and the result is 'BookD'. It's obviously still in the early stages but we think over time it could grow into a really comprehensive and regular round-up of everything that's going on, a one-stop shop for interviews, reviews and news.

Anyway, please take a look as we'd be interested to know what you think and where we could improve
it...oh...and tell ya mates eh?



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