The Scottish Book Trust and Byker Books

The Scottish Book Trust is a national charity that believes books, reading and writing have the power to change lives. I can only second that.  As a child on a council estate in the 70's with not much cash to go anywhere else I travelled the world through books. The SBT also believe that :-

"A love of reading inspires creativity, improves employment opportunities, mental health and wellbeing, and is one of the most effective ways to help children escape the poverty cycle."  

And again, I can definitely agree with that. So it is with great pleasure that I unveil the Scottish Book Trust as the very first monthly partner of our digital magazine BookD. As you know Byker Books has always been about helping the person in the street to realise their dreams, broaden their horizons or just give them opportunity of expression when they felt it wasn't their place to ask for it and an organisation like the SBT simply fits alongside us hand-in-glove.

We'll be promoting their posts in BookD over the next month and encourage you to check them out and see what you can do to get involved or help.