Catching up with...Darren Sant

Alreet kids,

The sad news about Sheila Quigley last week led me to revisiting some of the Byker Books glory days and in particular the 'Radgepacket' launches, this then put an idea into my head to catch up with some of the people from back then and see what they're up to. So, for the first in an occasional series, imaginatively entitled 'Catching up with...' I caught up with my old mucker Darren to see what he's up to now. Turns out he's been creating a podcast :-

I have indeed.

What is Tiny Tales?

It's a brand new podcast with a homemade punk rock ethos. Featuring multi-genre fiction and poetry. It’s mostly fiction but I’m open minded on the poetry.

Who can get involved?

Absolutely anyone! Drop me a message on our Twitter account @Tiny_Tales_Cast or find me, Darren Sant on Facebook or email me on

Is there a word limit?

The clue is in our name. We're looking for complete stories on the shorter side. However, we could spread out longer works across multiple episodes.

I'm also trying to include a poetry section if that is your thing.

Why a Podcast?

I've been fascinated by spoken tales since I was a child. Stories can have an extra dimension when spoken aloud! Before we had printed matter tales were told over the campfire, knowledge was passed on, people were entertained.

Who is the Target Audience?

I don't like to impose limitations on style or language so I'll often include tales with adult themes and violence so these podcasts will tend to be for an adult audience.

Where can I find your podcast?

Because it’s through Anchor it’s widely distributed and be heard at any of the places below:-



Google Podcasts

Pocket Casts

Radio Public

Owt else going on?

I’m delighted to tell you that my Tales from the Longcroft Estate are now available on kindle format brought to you by Close to the Bone Publishing. For those new to the series here’s the blurb:

Tales From The Longcroft Estate is a collection of Darren Sant’s stories on the hardships bestowed upon the people of Longcroft. Daily battles are fought for supremacy and survival within the tight community. Criminals scurry the streets like cockroaches preying on the old and young alike. Drugs are a common commodity, as common as the vendettas that are being waged.

Welcome to the Longcroft Estate. A sprawling housing estate home to muggers, thieves, petty crooks, arsonists and everyday folk. A place where dreams go to die and hope is a dirty word. However, among the broken glass and shattered dreams is humour, decency and a strong communal spirit that you won't find among electric gated communities. A surprise lurks down every narrow alleyway. Dare you enter the Longcroft Estate?

Sounds mint - actually, I've read them and they are! You can find the Longcroft book on Amazon HERE

Always nice to catch up and there's a chance I could turn up in one those Tiny Tales one of these days so keep going back to them kids.

See you later.