Special - read an excerpt

How's it going? Think we can all see the beginnings of a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel now can't we? Hopefully come the summer we'll have beer gardens and cafe's and normal (ish) life again 🤞 

In the meantime I've been doing a bit of writing that I'm very happy with but am not ready to put out there yet...so...I thought I'd give you an excerpt from my novel 'Special' - this book deals with the rights and wrongs of a vigilante who starts to go too far. This is the first chapter, let me know what you think.




A Fucking Professional

Colly eased open the window and shone his torch into the gloom beyond. This job would be a piece of piss; the tip he’d had from Falcus had been a good one: five hundred thousand square foot of lights and lamps, all made especially for the retail market and all very, very saleable. Heaving his considerable bulk through the frame he tried to drop onto the floor below, knowing it was only a couple of feet and that the alarm system and CCTV were dummies. Sweating with the effort, he finally got his legs clear of the sill, put his torch in his mouth and tried to push himself off the window.

“For fuck’s sake,” he whispered in exasperation. “I’m stuck on the bastard thing now.”

He tugged at the stubborn pocket of his jeans that had caught on a nail in the window and left him hanging in mid air.

“Supposed to be a fucking professional,” he growled at no one in particular, “and this shit’s happening. I’d look a right twat in court if this was read out.”

He’d had a few mishaps in his twenty-year burgling career, but none as potentially embarrassing as this. The thought of being discovered in this position dominated his mind and concentrated his efforts to free himself. He vigorously tugged at the offending pocket with renewed urgency.

‘Falcus’ll go mad if I fuck this up,’ he thought, ‘and I still owe him for the last one as well. I’d best crack on; he said there was a transit out the back I could use.’



‘That’s got the bastard. Right, game on.’

Picking himself and his torch slowly up from the floor, Colly flashed his beam around the warehouse to locate the goods. Spotting a couple of BHS flashes on the boxes, he headed towards them, pausing only to pull a half-eaten Mars bar from his jacket pocket and shove it into his mouth, ‘Waste not want not and all that.’ Then he set to work.

Outside the warehouse, in the bushes surrounding the building, a figure crouched motionless. He was comfortable in the dark. In fact, he positively welcomed being enveloped by blackness, and he could see the transit from his position. The fat burglar was going nowhere without his permission. He’d waited a long time for this and tonight was just the start; the planning, training and preparation... would all be worthwhile. The results would be there for all to see and the benefits would be tangible, he was sure of that. Checking his watch, and then pulling on his balaclava, he leaned back onto his heels and breathed slowly.

‘Not long now,’ he thought.